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Our Story

As entrepreneurs, we spent a lot of time, money and efforts trying to find a staffing company that could help us decrease labor margins. But we couldn't find them. After hiring multiple VA's overseas, there were two main pain points that we easily identified:

  • Major gap in time zone difference - while we were starting our day, most of our VA's were past midnight, affecting their productivity.

  • Cultural nuances - because their languange, culture and experience isn't the same, they most of the time would not process the information the same way.

As a result, we would end up feeling frustation, since even when we were saving money on staff, it was costing more time because of all the do-overs that needed to be done. After finding the problem, it inspired us to craft a solution.


Our Mission

At Elite Virtual Teams we are committed in assisting our clients in finding elite virtual assistants to support them in everything they do. Our team will do a very detailed search for high quality candidates to match our client's requirements and support them to get a full (or part-time) South American VA.

Our community incorporates a wide variety of individuals with different skills and various levels of expertise. They are talented, motivated, and hard workers who strive to delight and bring results. They are ready to support our clients in growing their business.

Lead a comfortable life while your VA takes care of the daily tasks.


Your freedom


Your productiveness

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